Publikacja naukowa - The recognition of human by the dynamic determinants of the gait with use of ANN

Autorzy: Tomasz Walczak, Jakub Grabski, Magdalena Grajewska, Martyna Michałowska
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The recognition of human by the dynamic determinants of the gait with use of ANN, Springer Proceedings, DSTA 2016


Abstract In this paper human recognition method based on dynamic parameters of the human gait. In the method the artificial neural network algorithm is employed. Some parameters of the gait are defined in order to describe and recognize characteristics of gait for each considered individual. In classical approach to human recognition, description of the gait pattern is based on sequence of images analysis and biometric parameters. In this paper we present method based on determining some dynamic characteristics of the gait, which together with other kinematic determinants should allow to describe the unique gait pattern for each individual. Necessary data were obtained from system of motion analysis BTS and force plates, commonly used in biomechanics. All considered gait parameters were calculated from data which were obtained for 15 persons with different characteristic of the gait. To implement the recognition process the back-propagation neural network algorithm was used. In the paper three configuration of the input data (only kinematic parameters from the BTS system, only dynamic parameters from the force plates and both types of parameters together) are investigated and compared.

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