Publikacja naukowa - A wireless data acquisition and processing system

Autorzy: Ł Matuszewski, W Woźniak, P Stołowski, M Jessa
Czasopismo: Measurement Automation Monitoring 2015 nr 07, s. 330-332
IF: 0
Liczba punktów ministerialnych: 11

The paper describes an idea and realization of a system for collecting and processing data from different types of wireless distributed sensors. The system consists of wireless sensor networks. Each network consists of a server connected to the Internet and theoretically unlimited number of clients. The described server has been built with two types of microcomputers. It provides tools for data collecting and processing. A client, described in Section 5, can be implemented on any PC (Personal Computer) with Windows or Linux including the Raspberry PI and any other microcomputer with HDMI joint. It allows providing an interactive signboard. The data coming from a wireless measuring unit is stored in the server. Two versions of the measuring unit (Section 6) were developed. They differ in wireless modules (compared in Section 2). The first solution uses XBee-PRO 868. The second one uses CC-2530 working in ISM 2.4GHz band. The coverage comparison of both solutions is presented in Section 7. The system can be adjusted to measure any environmental value starting with temperature, humidity and ending with more advanced like the chemical composition of air. There is also included comparison with existing commercial solutions.

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