Uczestnistwo w konferencji - Nuclear Physics-Science and Applications

Termin: 24-06-2015
Charakter: Międzynarodowy
List of Lectures
  1. M. Kirejczyk (NCBJ, Poland), A story of nuclear physics.
  2. R. Jolos (JINR), Introduction to nuclear physics I and II.
  3. F. Negoita (ELI, Măgurele, Romania), Research opportunities at Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI).
  4. K. Makowski (AMU, Poland), Great Poland’s history considered against the background of the history of Poland.
  5. E. Syresin (JINR), Proton and ion therapy at JINR.
  6. M. Waligórski (INP PAS, Poland), Proton therapy.
  7. E. Krasavin (JINR), Radio-biological and astro-biological research at JINR.
  8. A. Popeko (JINR), Experimental approach to the synthesis of superheavy elements.
  9. D. Naumov (JINR), Introduction to the neutrino physics.
  10. F. Simkovic (JINR, UC), Neutrinos, nuclei and Universe.
  11. G. Kamiński (JINR, Dubna), Research program at ACCULINNA in-flight facility. OTPC – a novel technique for studies of exotic nuclei.
  12. S. Jurga (AMU, Poland), The NanoBioMedical Centre of Adam Mickiewicz University.
  13. J. Malicki (GPCC, Poland), Risk assessment and reporting /learning of/from uni-intended events in radiotherapy.
  14. A. Belushkin (JINR), Theory basics of neutron scattering in condensed matter physics (CMP).
  15. S. Kulikov (JINR), Research and development of equipment for neutronspectrometers of the IBR-2 reactor.
  16. G. Trubnikov (JINR), Introduction to cyclic accelerators.
  17. A. Belushkin (JINR), Neutron instruments for neutron scattering in CMP.
  18. A. Sidorin (JINR), Introduction to accelerator physics.
  19. V. Skoy (JINR), I – Neutron detector basis, II – Production of polarized neutrons.
  20. A. Belushkin (JINR), Modern trends of CMP research.
  21. M. Frontasyeva (JINR), Neutron activation analysis in life sciences (lectures I and II).
  22. G. Kosior (Uni.Wroc, Poland), Study of elements content in mosses and medicinal plants using neutron activation analysis.
  23. M. Aničić Urošević ( Institute of Physics Belgrade), Moss bag as a biomonitor of airborne pollutants in urban environment: An application of different physical and chemical analytical methods.
  24. M. Kurzyński (AMU, Poland), Maxwell’s demons and complexity of physical systems.
  25. O. Culicova (JINR), User program of the JINR Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics.
  26. S. Pakuliak (JINR), Educational programs at JINR.
  27. S. Fränzle (International Graduate School Zittau, Germany), Biomonitoring using chitin.
Students Talks
  1. Tomasz Kubiak (PhD, AMU Poznan), Metal-based nanoparticles as radiosensitizers for radiotherapy
  2. Wiktoria Pereira (MSc. University of Szczecin), Statistical effects due to repair mechanisms of radiation damaged cells
  3. Sluchevskii Aleksandr ( BSC, Lomonosov Moscow State University ), Spin-orbit and magnetic interactions in oxides of iridium.
  4. K. Siemek (MSc., INP PAS, Cracow), Slow Positron Beam in Defect Studies of Irradiated Palladium.
  5. E. Gorkovenko (MSc., JINR), Study of polymorphic transformations in the molecular crystal of fluconazole.
  6. N. Belozerova (MSc., JINR), The crystal and magnetic structure of nanostructured lanthanstrontium manganites.
  7. B. Mukeru ( MSc., University South Africa)Coulomb and nuclear breakups in the 11Be+208Pb reaction
  8. Jan Bihałowicz( BSC., Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw ), The Conceptual Time Projection Chamber for Nuclear Astrophysics – track renons.
  9. D. Smrcka (MSc., Palacky University. Prague), Crystallization kinetics of Fe-Mo-Cu-B-type metallic glass by NFS.
  10. S. El Shabrawy ( MSc., Menofia University), Precipitation of Ferrimagnetic Nanoparticles in Borate Glass for MFH appl.
  11. D. Wielanek ( Msc., Warsaw University of Technology), MPD – challenges and opportunities.
  12. I. Zinicovskaia (PhD, JINR Dubna), Nuclear and related analytical techniques for wastewater bioremediation
  13. Bakhodir Kayumov ( MSc., Institute of Nuclear Physics AS Ruz), The study of lifetime of the dinuclear system
  14. Kamila Wilczyńska (MSc., University of Science and Technology, Cracow), Changes in reactor poisons concentration associated with power level alterations
  15. Ekaterina Rukhadze ( Master EAP, CTU Prague), Low background measurements with HpGe spectrometer OBELIX
  16. Jakhongir Dadakhanov( Master, JINR), Radionuclide generator Hf172-Lul72.
Students Posters
  1. Y. Ryzhykau (BSC, MIPT, Moscow), Investigation of phospholipids phase transition by small-angle scattering method.
  2. A. Vlasov ( BSC, MIPT, Moscow), High-throughput SAS method for characterization of lipidic systems.
  3. J. Crha (BSC, FNSPE CTU, Prague), Neutron imaging on the VR-1 reactor.
  4. I. Dulama ( PhD, Valahia Univ. Targoviste), Characterization of insulation materials using atomic techniques and electron…
  5. I. Bucurica ( MSc., Valahia Univ. Targoviste, ICSTM), AFM applied in the study of nanoparticles adsorbtion.
  6. A. Issatov ( BSC, Dubna International University for Natur ), Creation of the profilometer for the U-400m accelerator .
  7. R. Kabytayeva ( BSC, Dubna International University for Natur ), Production of 6He using bremsstrahlung of electron beam.
  8. Egor Zinovev ( MIPT, Moscow ), Checking of q-scale in small-angle time-of-flight spectrometer.
  9. Bauyrzhan Yessenov (BSC, JINR Dubna), The simulation of response function of detector on Geant4.
  10. Bogusław Włoch ( Master, University of Science and Technology, Cracow),BINA@CCB
  11. Sabina Brazevic ( MSc. AMU, Poznań) and Anna Zaleska ( MSc. Warsaw University),Superconducting gantry in medicine
  12. Eliza Maria Lubryka ( Bach. of Engineering, Wroclaw University of Technology ),Cryogenic system for the superconducting magnets of SIS100 synchrotron at FAIR
  13. Magdalena Sieracka (BSC, Poznań University of Technology ), Production of neutrons for use in neutron capture therapy
  14. Monika Paulina Nogal (BSC, Gdańsk University of Technology), Proton Therapy
  15. Ulugbek Kurbanov ( PhD, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Tashkent), Mott metal–insulator transitions in hole-doped cuprates
  16. Azamat Elmurodov ( PhD, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Tashkent), Phase-slip phenomena in NbN superconducting nanowires with leads
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