Uczestnistwo w konferencji - KKAPD: XX National Conference of Discrete Processes Automation

Termin: 21-24.09.2016
Charakter: Krajowy

Talk: ”Modeling and analysis of endothelial damage using Petri nets.”

Abstract: Damage to the vascular endothelium, which is one of the major causes of
atherosclerotic plaque formation is a complex and dynamic process depending on many
factors. The impact of these factors is diverse and addicted to quantitative and qualitative
changes of other factors. Therefore, to fully understand the processes underlying
this phenomenon, they must be analyzed in a holistic manner, taking into account as
many as possible variables. This approach was applied to the current project. model of
endothelial damage by using the theory of Petri nets has been proposed . This model
consists of 63 places and 94 transitions, 8481 t-invariants and 19 MCT sets. Analysis of
the clusters of the t-invariants, determined the biological sense of the modeled process
and at revealed that inflammation and oxidative stress plays a key role in this process.
This research has been partially supported by the Polish National Science Centre grant
No. 2012/07/B/ST6/01537.


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