Uczestnistwo w konferencji - IX Convention of the Polish Bioinformatics Society

Termin: 28-30.09.2016
Charakter: Międzynarodowy

Talk: "From tobacco smoke throught prothrombotic state to atherosclerosis – a systems

Abstract: Smoking is a one of the contributing risk factors for the development of cardiovascular
diseases (CVDs). Cigarette smoke secretes many particles playing an important
role in harmful processes, some of them are: nicotine, carbon monoxide (CO),
reactive oxygen (ROS) and others. These particles lead to endothelial dysfunction, inflammation
(in response to endothelial damage chemokines are released and monocytes
adhesion occurs what leads to macrophage stimulation), modification of lipid profile (it
causes increase of low density lipoproteins (LDL) level), respiratory burst, LDL oxidation,
increase of nitric oxide (NO) bioavailability, vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMC)
proliferation, prothrombotic states and a lot of other processes. All of these mechanisms
influence on, inter alia, atherosclerosis progress. For better understanding how
smoking influence prothrombotic state and promotes atherosclerosis, Petri net based model of this process has been proposed. Analysis of the net structure and determining
some unknown relationships among processes in the modeled biological system has
been based on clusters of t-invariants. Particular attention has been paid to influence on
disease progress caused by smoking, because both active smoking and passive smoking
contribute to morbidity which is associated with CVDs.
This research has been partially supported by the Polish National Science Centre grant
No. 2012/07/B/ST6/01537.

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