Wydarzenie - DevOps Poznan Meetup

Termin: 30-03-2017
Liczba osób uczestniczących: 80
Tematyka: DevOps

We are to talk about containers, Mesos, Kubernetes and anything else that we find exciting ;) This is also a place and time to get together and exchange experiences and contact details:)



Talk #1:   Basic introduction to Kubernetes

I will show basic steps to deploy and use Kubernetes (k8s) cluster. I will explain the lingo and show a demo of a simple microservices app deployed to a k8s cluster by Dariusz Dwornikowski (NordCloud)


 Talk #2:  "Docker+Mesos+Marathon - lessons learned after 2 years on production." by Łukasz Przybył (HolidayCheck).

First docker-hosted production service was launched at Holidaycheck around January 2015. Since then we’ve learned a lot and developed infrastructure consisting of more than 150 Docker microservices handling production traffic, running on Mesos+Marathon. I’d like to share with you 10 lessons we’ve learned during last 2 years.

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